Promote your products on social media so people will buy.

If you are anything like I was you found social media to be confusing and time intensive. Without the knowledge or a plan on how to implement your social media campaign you are wasting your time.

Whether you are a small business, big business, or a solo-preneur  the key is to understand is that social media is a tool for listening, not just talking.

If you were told these myths, you’ve been lied to:

  • Myth: Just setting up a Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter profile will drive traffic to your website so you can make sales while sitting at the beach.
  • Myth: You don’t even need a website if you have a Facebook page
  • Myth: Having a LinkedIn Profile will get you in the door to meet with your perfect prospect because they will see who you are connected with.
  • Myth: No one can see your private photos or review your posts
  • Myth: It doesn’t matter that you post pictures of your food and pet pictures because everyone likes them right?

That’s what I hear from some people claiming to be social media experts. The sad truth is your social media profiles and the conversations you have with your prospects, clients and referral partners makes all the difference between being a success or a fool.

I am so glad you decided to stop by to connect with me. You will find a number of resources such as:

  • Training on how to manage your social media channels
  • Checklists and guides on how to set up your social media profiles for maximum visibility and conversion.
  • Inspiration that helps you generate engagement on your social media platforms
  • Local events and live workshops where we offer hands on implementation and guidance
  • Webinars with social media experts that will help you stay ahead of the curve with the ever changing platforms.
  • Introduce you to industry experts that will help you generate, capture and convert leads into paying customers.

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