5 Ways to Manage Social Media From Your Smartphone


Social Media and Smartphones can make your business run smooth.

Gone are the days when you had to find a computer in between meetings, transcribe notes to publish later and download images for posting to your blog and social media channels. Everything can be done with the power of social media marketing apps and image editors.

1.) Use HashtagsOne of the best ways to create engagement with your social media friends and fans is to tell people where you might be and give them a hashtag (#) and ask them to follow your conversation on Twitter. I love to use hashtags for connecting with people at events as well.

2.) Take Pictures:  Pictures create great memories. Whether you are speaking to a group, attending an event, or just having lunch with your friend it is a great idea to take a picture and post it to Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. When using your smartphone you can crop the photos, tag them with the people you are with, tag locations and add hashtags and keywords to the description box.  The phone below was one my friend took when we visited a local restaurant, Wok in the Park.  We posted it to Facebook, tagged the Restaurant and ourselves. People like to comment on photos and it’s a great way to help out your local businesses too.

Wok in the park


3.) Video CameraMost smartphones have video cameras and using them to record presentations, video testimonials and demonstrations are very powerful. You can often times post the video clips to YouTube, Facebook and your website. Don’t worry about having to be a professional videographer because people like to connect to real people in the environments that they are in. Find a nice backdrop, quiet spaces and good lighting and take me up on the challenges.

4.) Text MarketingText messaging is more than a two way conversation. Set up a text marketing campaign when you enter into a large event so that you can send reminders to your attendees about the activities that are happening on various stages, specials offered by your vendors and to promote coupons the attendees can use after they leave the events.

5.) Social Media Apps:  Smartphone Apps like Hootsuite will help you monitor, post  and respond to comments made on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn

Smartphones and Social Media is where the connections are made. Do you want to be part of the social media smartphone revolution? Let me send you an invitation to check out one of the fastest growing apps around. Click here for the video and FAQ page.


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