6 Ways to Use RebelMouse for Your Business


RebelMouse is the new social media aggregator. It’s easy to set up, easy to customize and a fun way to highlight your favorite social media channels.


Here are 6 ways to use RebelMouse for your business.

1.) Highlight your top blog post or video and have it tagged to stay positioned on the front page for a specific number of days or hours by using the edit key on the right of the post.

2.) Track your statistics on the stories within your RebelMouse page. You can see who came to the post by the hour, daily or monthly. You can see click through rates and how viral your article is on the various social media channels.

3.) Move the post from left to right, top to bottom or center it in the middle. Hi post that gets lots of attention on Facebook or your Blog should do the same on your RebelMouse page.

4.) Customize the colors and font on your RebelMouse page to match your website. You can even create a custom designed header and banner to tell your story.

5.) Embed your RebelMouse page on your website. You can use it as a front page where all your content is seen at first glance or create a separate page like Social Stream where the content is constantly changing.

6.) Repost an article or video to another RebelMouse page you manage but remember to add a hashtag and comment in the body of the widget.

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