7 Steps About LinkedIn® That Can Generate Leads and Convert Them Into Business



LinkedIn Lisa SalineLinkedIn® is up to 200 million users, and it can no longer be ignored. Learn more about LinkedIn and how it can help your business.

As a social media trainer and consultant I work with business owners who ask about LinkedIn® on a regular basis. They are looking for LinkedIn marketing tips as well as how to educate their clients about LinkedIn.

I am happy to announce that one of my personal marketing mentor, Ann Sieg and her guest, Dave Drimmie are hosting a webinar about LinkedIn on Thursday, March 21st at 6pm CT/7pm ET and I would love for you to join us.

Grab your spot here:

Here are the LinkedIn Marketing tips they will cover in the webinar:

-How Dave’s business increased its revenue by 223%  just through LinkedIn Marketing

-A 7 step process for creating massive profits and sales with LinkedIn

-Understanding the unique mindset of LinkedIn’s community, and what it takes to build a brand there.

-Why your business should be on LinkedIn (both the obvious and not-so obvious)

-Re-establishing your LinkedIn network

-Unique methods to generate leads with the advanced people search and geo-targeting tool

-Important keys for developing relationships, engaging with others, and attracting leads unique to LinkedIn

-How to build your business city-by-city and arrange face-to-face meetings with high caliber prospects

-10 do’s and don’ts about LinkedIn marketing

The lines are limited so grab your spot today.

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