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Blog Setup Tutorials – Get a Money Making Blog Today

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When I first looked at this eBook I said to myself “Oh no, not another How to WordPress eBook” but I was pleasantly surprised. As I sat back and read Blog Setup Tutorials I found myself drawn right into the eBook soaking up all the information. The WordPress information which I was reading provided a good few WordPress Golden Nuggets that even I had overlooked, I was also surprised by the level of detail provided and even if you had never heard of WordPress before, you would be confident that by end of the 90 Pages you would have your WordPress Blog fully installed and personalized.

Home Based Business Tax Advantages

Tax Savings for Home Based Business

Tax Savings for Home Based Business

You already know how wonderful it can be to work from home, but do you realize how many home based business tax advantages exist?

Here in the United States, many people operate home based businesses just to take advantage of the numerous tax deductions.

Claiming the use of your home in your business can give you some hefty deductions on your tax return. As with anything tax-related, you must meet certain requirements determined by the Internal Revenue Service. However, if you use one room or part of a room specifically for your business, you can receive a significant home based business tax deduction. This can include portions of your utility bills specifically related to that area of your house as well as any relevant home improvements.

Your phone and other office services can also provide you with a substantial home based business tax deduction. If you maintain a separate fixed phone line or cell phone specifically for your business, then all costs related to those phone lines can be tax deductible. However, if you use equipment or services in both personal and business environments, it is more difficult to establish a tax deduction. It’s not impossible, but you must meet some fairly strict requirements and maintain good records.

Using your car in your business gives you the potential for another good home based business tax deduction. Of course, you must keep excellent records but you can deduct mileage and car-related expenses that you incur while conducting your business. With any type of business, other incidental costs come up. You can also take deductions for purchases of items such as office supplies, postage, advertising materials and expenses.

You can potentially deduct even more by hiring your children or spouse to work as employees for you. This enables you to deduct health insurance premiums and other typical employee-related expenses.

In order to find out about the many home based business tax deductions available to you, consult an experienced tax advisor.

With proper advice and good recordkeeping, your home based business can become even more successful.

If you live in the Minneapolis-St Paul Area call me at 952-212-6134 and I will give you an excellent referral to a highly qualified tax advisor.

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A Recession or Impression?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the Unemployment Rate rose to 10.2 percent in October, the highest since April 1983.

Watch this video and see if you can find anything positive with it.

Unemployment Rate

Some people will be able to strap on their entreprenuerial hats and buckle down to become some of the most financially successful people ever. Others will succumb to the negative pressure and cave in.

What will you do? Here is one recommendation for you to help ease the financial burdens of your daily life. The choice is yours.

Will Smith Interview with Tavis Smiley

As many people muddle through the days trying to figure out who we are, where we need to go, what we want to do it is humbling to see how celebrities can be so encouraging and inspiring to the average person. Watch and listen to this video where Will Smith talks with Tavis Smiley about decisions. Then go and watch the movie Pursuit of Happyness. Enjoy

What does Verizon Network and Network Marketing have in Common?

I love this video as it shows the power of networks. It is a great visual. Similar to Network Marketing you know that no matter where you go your “network” or team will be with you always and one day you will turn around and say “Holy Cow” where did all those people come from? They are following me. The best part is they make you money and you are part of someone else’s network helping them make money too.


The Millionaire Maker Answers Your Money Questions

I just watched an uncensored video that was jam packed with practical and usable tips to attract more
wealth and create more money in your life.

Many of you know my friend, 3 time best-selling author Loral Langemeier. Maybe you’ve seen her on
TV, in newspapers, or in the film “The Secret.”

She just did a live video broadcast where hundreds of viewers from around the world joined and
watched as she answered their burning money concerns and uncensored questions.

You can watch the unedited replay for a limited time right here

Here are just a few of the questions she had solutions and answers for…

“What are the top 3 things I can do NOW
to find new customers?”

“If the bank refused me, what are some
creative ways to get funding?”

“What is your opinion on MLM?”

“How can I make an extra $500 by Nov 14th?”

“I’m stuck in a dead end job, but I’m afraid to leave, how…”

and more!

There are so many quick and usable ideas in this 30 minute replay video, and you can watch
it all right now for F.ree!

To your success,

Lisa Saline

P.S. Loral’s brand new book “Put More Cash In Your

Pocket” is so timely in today’s economy, it is quickly becoming her next best-seller!

To celebrate, with every purchase of the book, she is giving away over $1247 in instant book

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A Home Business May Be Your Solution to Stomp Out the Economic Wildfire

A Home Business offering products you are using everyday may be your solution to Stomp Out the Economic Wildfire

The fact is most people are participating in the economic crisis because they fall into the “fear” mode. They have not been introduced to the fact that there is abundant opportunity in front of them. The media has done a great job at creating an atmosphere that puts people into a state of negative thinking and limits their ability to explore opportunities where they no longer need to report to a boss.  However, those people who continue to focus on the positive, practice self-development on a daily basis and keep their options open to learning more about network marketing, direct sales and referral marketing are the people that refuse to participate in the recession.

“The opportunity to make an incredible fortune by doing incredible good in the greatest industry on earth—wellness.” – Paul Zane Pilzer

Here are a few facts about why Internet Marketer, Lisa Saline believes a home business that uses everyday products is taking the world by storm:

1.) During tough economic times our company has experienced significant growth and millionaires are made. Why wouldn’t you want to dip your toes in the water now?
2.) In just a few short years the health and wellness industry will grow from a $200 Billion dollar industry to a $1 Trillion dollar industry creating the greatest fortunes of the new century.
3.) Award winning, high income earning, Internet Marketers are changing the traditional network marketing model by advertising and marketing online. This allows for mass amounts of people to see your presentation and allows for team training via webinars and the telephone. Thus eliminating the time consuming in-home parties, one-on-one presentations, and hotel meetings.
4.) Corporate professionals are turning to entrepreneurial businesses and leveraging the power of an existing network marketing company to eliminate the overhead and employees.

Lisa Saline’s Mission is to introduce people to a business model where you don’t have to invest in items that are stacked in the garage or fill your trunk. Instead you can earn money on things you already use everyday. We offer unlimited earning potential and long term financial security while assisting entrepreneurs to live a more rewarding and balanced life.

Lisa Saline supports business professionals and families by providing the connection to a business that is supporting and growing with the billion and trillion dollar markets in the wellness industry. Not only is my team excited about the business partnership we are excited to offer world class training with network marketing experts in the field of communication, internet marketing, business development and self-development.

Having a multiple award winning CEO lead the growth of his company provides hope to many people who are breaking through the economic recession. This includes at-home-moms, business professionals who are burnt out, dual income families that need a few extra dollars without having to work multiple jobs and even college kids who need the income to pay their tuition.
We encourage you to open your hearts and your minds and allow us to take you by the hand and help you create the lifestyle you dream of.

For additional information on a home business that’s unlike any Network Marketing business, contact Lisa Saline at 952-212-6134 today. I promise…no hype, just facts.

Loral Langemeier’s New Bestseller Available TODAY

What if I told you that you could earn more money – fast?! And that I knew someone who could actually give you what you need to begin creating new money using the skills and knowledge you already have…

Not only is this person a friend, but she is someone that I have learned from myself. The expert that I am referring to is best-selling author, Loral Langemeier, aka, America’s Leading Money Maker.

Because of the turn of events that got our economy where it is today, Loral saw the need for people to “Turn What They Know Into Dough!”

Her next bestseller, entitled Put More Cash In Your Pocket, gives you the steps you need to generate $500 – $1,000 (or more) EXTRA every month– and you don’t need to understand finance or economics.

And did I mention….It’s Available TODAY!

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You’ll receive thousands of dollars in free bonus gifts with your order which includes a special 6 Part Reading Room Series with Loral Langemeier where she goes over each chapter of Put More Cash In Your Pocket with you, AND just look at some of the amazing offers that are also included:

  • “Ask for the Cash” Video Series with Loral Langemeier
  • “Keys to Living Joyfully Telesummit” from Life Coach Sheri Kaye Hoff
  • “The Power of Creating Multiple Streams of Income In Your Life and In Your Business” by Patricia Drain
  • “23 Tips To Speed Up Your Quickbooks Entry” from Margaret Clark-Mayfield of MCM Software Coaching
  • “7 Steps to Soaring SelfEsteem” by Dr. Joe Rubino, CEO, The Center for Personal Reinvention
  • “5 Simple Strategies of Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneurs” eBook by Louis Lautman

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I give it a big thumbs up and here’s what others are saying:

Loral cuts through the hyperbole and gets down to the nitty-gritty of showing anyone how they can take their skills and turn them into profits. She truly does create successful entrepreneurs!
-Joel Comm, New York Times Best-Selling Author of Twitter Power

Put More Cash in Your Pocket is the ultimate step-by-step guide to your long term financial success. I am delighted I read this book!
– Joseph Michelli, Ph.D., Best-Selling Author of The Starbucks Experience

Quit worrying about debt, do something about it. You dont get wealthy by penny-pitching. Stop sacrificing your lattes and limiting your life. If you’re working for a living, stuck in a bad business or a slave to your job, then you should read this book cover-to-cover.

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