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How to Maximize the Power of Your Social Network With A Cup Of Coffee

As you build your social network always think of how you can help the people you connect with.

Change your mindset from how much effort it takes to build your social network to one that inspires you to connect people who have like minds. People who have the authority and ability to make a significant impact on the lives of others are the people you want to be around.

Don’t be afraid to start a conversation with the person you met on a social network like Twitter or LinkedIn as you will be amazed at the story they have that can change your life. Your online social network can be enhanced and strengthened when you meet your contact in a face-to-face environment. Your authentic self will shine when your online persona matches who you are in the offline environment. One of my favorite quotes is “You can run but you can’t hide” and is very true in this day and age.

An example of how I maximized my social network connections by making introductions to two people who inspire me. Ann Sieg and Tom Gonser are two entreprenuers with a similar vision. They are both working to help entrepreneurs gain exposure for their business and have a heart to help the economy to grow by creating solid and engaging communities.

In the picture below you will see the masters at work in a local coffee shop. A conversation that was probably taken to a new level because of the personal interaction verses a quick telephone call. I’m blessed to have the gift to connect people and it all started with a phone call.

Marketing Masterminds

Ann Sieg and Tom Gonser


I would love to hear how you are connecting and inspiring people in your social network too. Please leave a comment on my Facebook page too.

5 Ways to Manage Social Media From Your Smartphone

Social Media and Smartphones can make your business run smooth.

Gone are the days when you had to find a computer in between meetings, transcribe notes to publish later and download images for posting to your blog and social media channels. Everything can be done with the power of social media marketing apps and image editors.

1.) Use HashtagsOne of the best ways to create engagement with your social media friends and fans is to tell people where you might be and give them a hashtag (#) and ask them to follow your conversation on Twitter. I love to use hashtags for connecting with people at events as well.

2.) Take Pictures:  Pictures create great memories. Whether you are speaking to a group, attending an event, or just having lunch with your friend it is a great idea to take a picture and post it to Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. When using your smartphone you can crop the photos, tag them with the people you are with, tag locations and add hashtags and keywords to the description box.  The phone below was one my friend took when we visited a local restaurant, Wok in the Park.  We posted it to Facebook, tagged the Restaurant and ourselves. People like to comment on photos and it’s a great way to help out your local businesses too.

Wok in the park


3.) Video CameraMost smartphones have video cameras and using them to record presentations, video testimonials and demonstrations are very powerful. You can often times post the video clips to YouTube, Facebook and your website. Don’t worry about having to be a professional videographer because people like to connect to real people in the environments that they are in. Find a nice backdrop, quiet spaces and good lighting and take me up on the challenges.

4.) Text MarketingText messaging is more than a two way conversation. Set up a text marketing campaign when you enter into a large event so that you can send reminders to your attendees about the activities that are happening on various stages, specials offered by your vendors and to promote coupons the attendees can use after they leave the events.

5.) Social Media Apps:  Smartphone Apps like Hootsuite will help you monitor, post  and respond to comments made on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn

Smartphones and Social Media is where the connections are made. Do you want to be part of the social media smartphone revolution? Let me send you an invitation to check out one of the fastest growing apps around. Click here for the video and FAQ page.


Post To New Social Networks for Business Before Your Competition Does


There are a number of Social Networks for business that are overlooked when it comes to branding and building content rich messages. Our online audience looks in various places when it comes to research. However, your blog is still the core and center hub for your business and all of your social networks should be pointing back to the hub.

A fairly new company called RebelMouse has recently caused a stir among many marketing professionals because it pulls in your social channels and content into one central hub.

I love that concept. RebelMouse allows us to build various channels of targeted content and you can even embed the page on your website. Imagine the ability to organize content onto your front page for any topic, keyword or website. Powerful right?

Some of the marketers who use Social Networks for Business and RebelMouse are:

Guy Kawasaki – Author of APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur.

Matt McGee– Editor in chief at Search Engine Land and Marketing Land.

Hans Lak – Founder: One Person Can Make A Difference

Some of the brands on RebelMouse are:

Shape Magazine

GE has embedded a RebelMouse page on their website.

Check out how you can embed RebelMouse in your WordPress Site here.

I’ll be sharing new tips on how you can use Social Networks for Business on sites like RebelMouse so please share your RebelMouse page with me go ahead and post a link at my Facebook page now.

My RebelMouse page is here

LisaSaline and RebelMouse

7 Steps About LinkedIn® That Can Generate Leads and Convert Them Into Business


LinkedIn Lisa SalineLinkedIn® is up to 200 million users, and it can no longer be ignored. Learn more about LinkedIn and how it can help your business.

As a social media trainer and consultant I work with business owners who ask about LinkedIn® on a regular basis. They are looking for LinkedIn marketing tips as well as how to educate their clients about LinkedIn.

I am happy to announce that one of my personal marketing mentor, Ann Sieg and her guest, Dave Drimmie are hosting a webinar about LinkedIn on Thursday, March 21st at 6pm CT/7pm ET and I would love for you to join us.

Grab your spot here:

Here are the LinkedIn Marketing tips they will cover in the webinar:

-How Dave’s business increased its revenue by 223%  just through LinkedIn Marketing

-A 7 step process for creating massive profits and sales with LinkedIn

-Understanding the unique mindset of LinkedIn’s community, and what it takes to build a brand there.

-Why your business should be on LinkedIn (both the obvious and not-so obvious)

-Re-establishing your LinkedIn network

-Unique methods to generate leads with the advanced people search and geo-targeting tool

-Important keys for developing relationships, engaging with others, and attracting leads unique to LinkedIn

-How to build your business city-by-city and arrange face-to-face meetings with high caliber prospects

-10 do’s and don’ts about LinkedIn marketing

The lines are limited so grab your spot today.

The Power of a Live Event

What Everyone Should Know About Live Events and Why Attending them Will Help You Grow Professionally and Personally.

Just this past weekend I spent three days in a power session with smart marketers. We were working on our marketing funnels, creating new content and best of all creating new friendships. For those of you who have not experienced a live event I can tell you from the heart that magic happens. I’m not talking about the “Rah-Rah” sessions where you sit in the audience and listen to a sales pitch but where you bring your laptop, your business and your marketing plan.

I really enjoy working in a room of people who all have different aspirations and are at different levels of success within their business. We inspire each other.

Lisa Saline and Angela BrooksFor example, I met Angela Brooks, who was the trainer for Social Media. Now you might think as a social media trainer myself I may have felt a bit uncomfortable with that. However, she was a gem to listen too and I picked up a few links that would help improve the management of social media with my clients. Plus we had a great time with the Twitter Hashtag #RAW3. This allowed the tweeters in the room to instantly connect with the people sitting across the table in the online world. I love it.


Another person I met was Kelly Kust. She is a single mom with a story that leaves a footprint onLisa Saline and Kelly your heart. Not only is she a single mom but one with 7 children. She lost her husband to a car accident while pregnant with her 7th child. Imagine the loneliness she felt when she delivered that child and soon after found out her little girl had Down Syndrome. Kelly is an inspiring woman who has the ability to impact and inspire so many people. I believe that is her business model all together. If you would like to find out more about Kelly’s story The Story is Here



Ann Sieg and Lisa SalineAnd last but certainly not least. The ability to have expert eyes on your work during a live session is life changing. Not often do you get to bend the ear of the expert in person. I appreciated the feedback I received and have taken the notes and turned them into a proper marketing funnel that will reward me and the people I connect with. Here’s to success.



Do me a favor and let me know if you have attended a workshop or live event for your business and what the results were for you. You can do that right on my Facebook Page  


How to use social media for business on the new Facebook graph search

How to use social media for business on the new Facebook graph search

Facebook recently introduced the new Graph Search feature that is full of feature rich search capabilities. A number of business owners have asked me how to use social media for business so here are a few tips on how optimize your Facebook page so that you are found:
Create a Page for your Business: If your business has a profile on Facebook, and it’s optimized properly, it will appear in a Graph Search as well as on the recommended pages of other profiles.


Facebook Graph Search For Business

Facebook Graph Search For Business


Add the address of your location:  The Graph Search will allow you to search by location so it’s important to have the correct location updated.


Add the address of your business

Complete as much as you can on the ‘about’ page:  Keywords and descriptions of your services or products will show up as recommended options.
Categories and Keywords: As people search for specific categories and keywords your business page will appear based on what you have listed in the about section. You can list up to three categories. Example: Florist, Flower Deliver, Wedding Florist

Complete as much about your location as you can

Who is your competition? Just enter your business product, service or category in the Graph Search and find out.

Who are you competing against

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Monitoring Facebook Stalkers

Why Facebook stalkers need to be monitored, and what to do about it!

This morning I woke to a message that someone who I never met tagged a photo of me. Of course when you see an email with that type of alert you are going to run to your computer and delete, block and untag yourself. Here is what I saw in my message box. (Don’t worry…it’s clean)

Pay attention when people tag you that aren't your friends

It pays to stay alert and manage the tags on your Facebook pages. Click on ‘settings’ and look to the left for “Timeline Review”. This will allow you to view tags from friends and others. You have the opportunity to manually approve all posts you are tagged in before they go on your timeline.  Note: This only controls what’s allowed on your timeline. Posts you’re tagged in still appear in search, news feed and other places on Facebook.

Your Plans for 2013 and Social Media for Business

As we prepare our marketing plans for 2013 and the use of Social Media I wanted to share with you the video that highlights the power behind social media and your business. Be smart, engage and don’t get left behind. Social is where it’s at. 

Read this: 

6 Ways to Use RebelMouse for Your Business

RebelMouse is the new social media aggregator. It’s easy to set up, easy to customize and a fun way to highlight your favorite social media channels.


Here are 6 ways to use RebelMouse for your business.

1.) Highlight your top blog post or video and have it tagged to stay positioned on the front page for a specific number of days or hours by using the edit key on the right of the post.

2.) Track your statistics on the stories within your RebelMouse page. You can see who came to the post by the hour, daily or monthly. You can see click through rates and how viral your article is on the various social media channels.

3.) Move the post from left to right, top to bottom or center it in the middle. Hi post that gets lots of attention on Facebook or your Blog should do the same on your RebelMouse page.

4.) Customize the colors and font on your RebelMouse page to match your website. You can even create a custom designed header and banner to tell your story.

5.) Embed your RebelMouse page on your website. You can use it as a front page where all your content is seen at first glance or create a separate page like Social Stream where the content is constantly changing.

6.) Repost an article or video to another RebelMouse page you manage but remember to add a hashtag and comment in the body of the widget.

Join me on Thursday, January 3rd at 11:30 CT as I give you a tour of the various RebelMouse features.

Register for the WEBINAR

Take a Peek at the RebelMouse BluePrint!

Check out the Designs

My Son Thinks I’m a Geek and I’m Proud

Another milestone in life is reached as my 15 year old secured a job working for someone else. He’s made money in the past with odd jobs like shoveling and snowblowing for the neighbors but is ready to venture out into the world of becoming an employee.

As he left for work this morning we discussed the “Golden Rules” of how to be a good employee. The manager that interviewed him said “just show up on time and work hard” and Steven knows that’s not good enough. So we reviewed the following together:

Firm Handshake – It shows confidence and control.

Smile – It can make someones day and really shows you care about the customer. Sometimes a smile can calm the angry customer.

Uniform neat – Wearing a clean uniform shows pride and respect.

Do a little more than what is expected – never sit and look bored or they might send you home. If you ask for more and do more without being told your chances of gaining additional responsibility are greater.

Always show honor and respect to others and HAVE FUN! People like to work with people who have fun.

Of course these are just a few of the things that I encourage my kids to use and they don’t always make those choices. However, today I am proud to say “he’s my kid”. So as we walk out the door while reminding him of the above he turns and says “Mom, you are such a Geek, but I love you for it”.