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My Son Thinks I’m a Geek and I’m Proud

Another milestone in life is reached as my 15 year old secured a job working for someone else. He’s made money in the past with odd jobs like shoveling and snowblowing for the neighbors but is ready to venture out into the world of becoming an employee.

As he left for work this morning we discussed the “Golden Rules” of how to be a good employee. The manager that interviewed him said “just show up on time and work hard” and Steven knows that’s not good enough. So we reviewed the following together:

Firm Handshake – It shows confidence and control.

Smile – It can make someones day and really shows you care about the customer. Sometimes a smile can calm the angry customer.

Uniform neat – Wearing a clean uniform shows pride and respect.

Do a little more than what is expected – never sit and look bored or they might send you home. If you ask for more and do more without being told your chances of gaining additional responsibility are greater.

Always show honor and respect to others and HAVE FUN! People like to work with people who have fun.

Of course these are just a few of the things that I encourage my kids to use and they don’t always make those choices. However, today I am proud to say “he’s my kid”. So as we walk out the door while reminding him of the above he turns and says “Mom, you are such a Geek, but I love you for it”.

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