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Grow Your Business With Twitter Following These Strategies with Nick Ellison

You really can build new connections through social media! Janet and Nick met through Google+, now they have a face-to-face chat on a hangout!

Here are some things that are covered in this interview:

  • How to set up Twitter Lists
  • Nick’s new Twitter training program: Zero to Twitter
  • The excuse of not having enough time for social media
  • How to use Hootsuite to create lists on Twitter and monitor all social sites
  • Using Hootlet

Where can you find out about Nick Ellison and his products?

He has a FREE social media blueprint you can download:

Here’s his new program:  Zero to Twitter

Looking for content ideas to post on your Social Media sites?  Then you will love our Guide!  You can Download the Ultimate Guide to Social Media Content Creation…and it is absolutely free.

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10 Image Ideas for Social Media with Janet E Johnson & Lisa Saline

 10 Image Ideas for Social Media with Janet E Johnson & Lisa Saline

Listen via Podcast:

In this video/podcast, we walk through 10 ways to use images.  Here are the 10 ways that we cover.

  1. Post a picture of your open sign and caption it with your hours
  2. Create a guessing game using teaser images
  3. Showcase a product with multiple color selections and let your customers indicate the best choice
  4. Entertainers, post still images of an upcoming video shoot
  5. Use a split panel image and ask what option is their favorite
  6. Post a series of sneak peak photos that show part of a new product
  7. Display your mission statement over a staff/location photo
  8. Post a photo about a local event that you attended
  9. Post a photo of your team hard at work
  10. Post a photo and invite users to share their best idea for a caption. (Not included) – Somehow we missed #10, but we are including it here!  

caption image copy

Would you like the pdf of this presentation?  Head over to download our guide and you will also receive this presentation and updates.  

You can Download the Ultimate Guide to Social Media Content Creation…and it is absolutely free.


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Social Media Hangout Time with Kimmy, The Social Media Puppet

Networking Strategies using Social Media with Terry Bean

 networking strategies in social media

Networking Strategies using Social Media with Terry Bean

Listen via Podcast:

We were very excited to interview Terry Bean on our show.  He has an amazing way of networking with others, online and offline. This is discussed in this interview.  First, let’s tell you a little about who Terry is.

Terry Bean is:

  • Chief Networking Officer
  • Attraction Hero
  • Author of The Universal Guide to Business Networking
  • Founder of Networked Inc.
  • Founder of Motor City Connect
  • Co-Founder of uNetworked

Terry’s passion is helping others achieve success for all who matter to them. He is known as many things: a professional speaker, a social media pro, a relationship marketing expert but most importantly he understands the value of true connectedness.

Terry is the founder and driving force behind the fastest growing networking group in both Detroit and Michigan,  Networked Inc. began in 2002 and has provided new business opportunities, guidance and inspiration to 1000′s since our inception. In May 2012 Terry and his technology partner launched  which will become the most disruptive marketing firm there is. At present, they are giving birth to which will reinvent how cars are leased.

In this interview we discuss different networking strategies, the differences we see between Google+ and Facebook, types of networking interaction and Janet’s hair back in High School. 😉

As we discussed, we said we’d share a picture from those days.  Terry Bean and Janet Johnson went to High School together and here they are in one of their classes.  Yes, you can laugh!  We don’t mind. Needless to say, we’ve changed a bit.

Terry and Janet cropped

Terry is currently promoting the event:  #313 DLove  For more details on this event to support Detroit, head to the Website.

We hope you enjoyed the show!  If you have iTunes, we’d love for you to Subscribe and leave us a review. 🙂  We appreciate your support!

10 Social Media Tips that Work! Presentation by Janet E Johnson & Lisa Saline

social media tips that work

10 Social Media Tips that WORK!

Join us in this video (or podcast) where we go through our favorite social media tips that work.  We explain the how and why of each.

Listen via Podcast:


Gain access to all 50 Social Media Tips to Grow your Business!  Download to learn or share.

Find them at:


Social Media Tip #1: Branding is KEY

social media tips that work

Branding is Key.  A key part of building your brand is promoting a polished and consistent image.  Be sure every aspect of your marketing strategy mirrors that image in design, color and overall appearance. 

This is one of the pieces I live by for my own business and when I work with my clients.  Branding is what identifies you – your logo, who you are in the community.  For the logo, it must be consistent across the different social media platforms that you are using – Facebook cover image, Google+ image, your Pinterest, the images you’re designing.  ~Janet


Social Media Tip #2: Have a Plan!

social media plan

Have a plan!  Set up an online content calendar.  Use Google Calendar to organize this. 

You may also use the old school way – use a paper or printed calendar with your planned contents to post.  On the other hand you may also use the color codes in Google calendar.  There are different colors available that you may use for different social media contents.

An example is using red for Pinterest on Mondays and perhaps blue for Twitter on Tuesdays.  So when you’re thinking or coming up with contents to write, it may assist and prompt you to write the correct content or message.  And you may also come across some headlines when surfing through the web that you may use as topic to write about.

When you come up with ideas for content, write it down in your calendar, whatever type of calendar you are using. ~Janet & Lisa


Social Media Tip #3: Interact with Others

social media interaction

Interact with others.  Don’t just post on your page.  Be sure to like, comment and share on other pages too. 

When we say pages, it is not limited to Facebook, but for any platform.  It could be in Pinterest, Google+ too. However posting is not good enough. For social media to work, it is important to interact with people outside of your own page – talk and comment on their post, as well. 

Share their content, especially with people you really want to get connected with.  Commenting on other people’s post is adding value to it.  You may even train people by letting them know what you do and what you’re an expert and provide free information.  This builds trust and integrity and show people you are sincere in helping them out.  However avoid spamming as it is not what the comments are for.


Social Media Tip #4: The Money is in the List

social media and email marketing

Money is in the list.  Remember: email marketing + social media equals more opportunities to grow your business! 

Facebook is a funnel system to get people to your list.  Get them in your social network list and give them great products for free and give away great knowledge through your email campaign.  Email marketing is about building trust and you are able to share information and coupons.  Email is a great tool for getting numbers of audience engaged.  At one point you may even resell another person’s product. Build the relationship and have your own list.


Social Media Tip #5: Use Video


Use video.  Increase your chances for online sales by adding a video.  Recent statistics show that viewers of product videos are 85% more likely to buy. 

When you have a product that you’re selling and you have a sales page for that product, it is best to set up a video for it.  You may watch a quick video on your smart phone that may even be created using these devices.  Video also increases the chance of search engine optimization, especially when you have a video in YouTube. 

There are different channels where you can create videos like the Google Hangouts, no more lugging heavy equipment for such applications.  Instagram and Vine are among the apps to use to create videos.  


Social Media Tip #6: No Negativity

no negativity on social media

No negativity.  Why waste a sentence saying nothing? 

If you don’t have anthing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.  Negativity on social media can be taken to extremes.  In social media, it is better for your brand if you can say something positive about somebody or something even if it is a negative situation. 


Social Media Tip #7: Be Social

be social

Focus on how to be social, not on how to do social as per Jay Baer. 

If you’re social by nature, social media will be very good for you.  If you’re someone that hides behind a cubicle and doesn’t say much, social media may become difficult.  Social media is a conversation, so focus on learning how to reach your hand out and say hello.  Learning how to give a compliment to somebody about something they’ve done and say something positive about it, that’s something about being social.  It is about getting out there and being social as your brand.


Social Media Tip #8: Have The Right Ingredients?

social media is an ingredient

Social media is an ingredient, not an entree. 

Your core business is going to be your website and who you are.  Social media is just one little element, one little ingredient to the whole marketing platform.  You want to use these social media tools as a way to put people at the top of your funnel.  Just get them to introduce who you are, about your website and who your brand is.  


Social Media Tip #9:  Privacy is dead

privacy is dead

Privacy is dead and social media hold the smoking gun.   

Just realize you can run, but you cannot hide.  In this world of social media, what you post immediately can be shared, copied, tweeted.


Social Media Tip #10: Stop Selling. Start Helping.

help on social media

Stop selling and start helping.   

Stop just pitching your stuff and start making a conversation.  Help other people with the tools that you have and it builds your credibility and your integrity. Even when offline (in a social setting) make sure that you share the experiences that you have because you’re helping somebody out. 


Love these tips?  And the images that go along with them?  Gain access to all 50 Social Media Tips to Grow your Business! Download to learn or share.  Find them at:


Kimmy’s 2014 Social Media Marketing Plans

Kimmy 2014

Kimmy is very excited about the new skills she has learned in 2013 that she wants to share her plans for 2014. Kimmy, a.k.a. Lisa Saline, is a social media puppet who works with Janet E. Johnson,, a social media expert.

Kimmy and Janet are excited about their new Hangout and Podcast Channels coming soon!

Here is what Kimmy discussed in her interview with Janet last week.

What is Kimmy going to add to her Social Media Campaign in 2014?

  • Facebook Ads: Kimmy learned that it’s important to show up in front of your target audience and not fall into the trap of just posting content willy nilly. She is going to be very specific by promoting posts to her salon clients, offering specials for people who reside in a certain zip code (close to her salon) and to some of her competitors (she don’t tell anyone).
  • Google+:  Since Google+ was launched that has been a hot spot for local business and online connection. Kimmy will post videos, interviews with other hair salon experts, schedule events in her salon and a whole lot more. She believes it’s a great new way to get new customers.

Graphics are a big influence in her industry so Instagram and Pinterest are here to stay.  You can hear what Kimmy and Janet have to say now:


Does Your System for Growth Have a Gap So Wide If You Miss the Jump Your Business Will Sink?

When people ask what you do with your time what is your response? Do you really know where your time is spent? I just took a course on scaling my business and freeing up my time that touched on a few sore spots and left me with a long list of action items.

Now I completely understand how systems can help an organization run efficiently because when I was managing a department in the corporate setting we were growing, hiring and implementing new procedures like clock work. I knew exactly what I had to do when I punched in and what needed to be done before I punched out. It is quite amazing how productive I was.

Now that I am my own business owner, and believe I work hard, this lesson shed light on how and why my business does not grow and prosper like it should. Take away the fact that I don’t have employees I still need to run my business with systems. Systems keep me on track and eliminate interruptions in my thought process and allow completion to a project.

The things that happen when you systematize your business are:

* You find more time in your day by structuring general tasks so it becomes a system

* You will find more success in the completion of tasks when you put a system and a strategy in place

* You will learn more as it allows one to increase more brain capacity and bring more processes to your business so that it can grow.

So you need more help in this area? I did too. Here is a great article about getting more done in your business. Click HERE  Note Step 6.

Leave a comment on my Facebook page with your favorite system and the impact it has on your business.


Who Are You Marketing To?

5 Creative Ways to Use Company Pages on LinkedIn

Have you paid attention to how other businesses are using LinkedIn? Larger companies are finding creative ways to use their LinkedIn company page.

A LinkedIn Company page can be added to showcase your business. These pages can increase your visibility and engage with your clients and prospects in new ways.

Here are 5 creative ways to use LinkedIn:

1. Create a related status series.

Creating a series is a great way to show a related set of status updates on your LinkedIn company page. Having related updated increases the engagement of your followers and keeps the conversation going. It also expands your company’s influence since the content is shared.

2. Use LinkedIn as a Lead Generation

Recommend and share information on your products or services using your LinkedIn company page. Create marketing offers like free reports, demonstrations or even a free consultation to generate leads from your followers. Ask your customers to write a recommendation through your company page.

3. Use the Products and Services Tab Creatively

Of course you can and should add products and services in the Products and Services tab. But why not take advantage of this valuable space to further your marketing efforts? Add your special offers, your webinars, any free trials you are offering, videos, ebooks you have for sale and any other content that brings in leads.

4. Cross-Promote Your Social Media communities.

LinkedIn is valuable real estate online. Go ahead and use its power to cross-promote you other social channels. Under the Products/Services tab you can have up to 3 rotating banner images. Create banner images with your links embedded for your company’s Services tab talking about your other social communities. The viewer can click through to another web page or another one of your social profiles.

Your business can run targeted ads on LinkedIn. These ads can lead directly to the Products and Services tab. Just remember it is a paid feature.

5. Grab Your Viewers Interest

First create a captivating banner or image for the top of your company page that makes it visually appealing. An image captures the audience’s attention. Without the image at the top of your company page, the page looks unfinished.

Then generate a buzz by creating a series of contests relevant to your business. Share the status updates on LinkedIn. You’ll start building followers for your page.

A LinkedIn company page can be used in many ways to draw attention to your business. Think creatively for ways to use LinkedIn to network and connect with your potential clients. Look at other companies in your niche to garner ideas for drawing in customers.

LinkedIn for Business: 5 Reasons Why You Should Use It

LinkedIn is one of the most important social media sites for businesses looking to connect with other businesses. Whether you’re an accountant, a writer, a speaker or a insurance agent, you can build your connections with associates and professionals that are interested in what you have to offer.

1. Create an awareness of your business.

LinkedIn is a platform to create an awareness of your online presence. With over 225 million professionals signed up on the site, businesses have the chance to network with a wide variety of contacts. You can use the different group or personal features within LinkedIn to improve the awareness of yourself as an individual and as a brand. Are you a web developer looking for your next big client? Use the features built in on LinkedIn to showcase your best work.

2. Building traffic.

One little known fact about LinkedIn is its power in driving traffic and link building. LinkedIn, like most other social media networks has a sharing button that lets you share you content and your status updates from the homepage and in the communities or LinkedIn Groups you belong to. This allows your content to become viral.

3. Generating leads.

LinkedIn is the best network for generating business leads. Potential customers can download interesting content you provide or you can drive traffic to pertinent sources you recommend. It’s a very personal way of engaging potential leads by engaging them with your content and turning them into clients.

4. Find the perfect business people to outsource services you need.

You are probably already asking colleagues and others for references for a great graphic designer or writer. LinkedIn is the social media site that makes it easy to find vendors to fill your needs. You can give endorsements as well, for those you have used.

5. Network with peers in your industry.

LinkedIn’s Groups directory allows you to search for industry associations and networks you can become a part of. For instance, if you are in the commercial real estate field, there are over 1,900 groups. LinkedIn also keeps you informed on local events that those you are connected to are attending. You could use this information to find only those industry events your potential clients are attending.

LinkedIn is an important part of any business social media strategy. It can be used to connect with current and prospective clients, to show your expertise and to keep informed on what is happening in your industry. Want more training? Check out the online course that teaches you exactly how to use LinkedIn to grow your business. Click here (aff link)

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