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Do You Have a Self Propelled Lead Machine?

Build a self propelled lead machine that will continually feed you

red hot prospects at the flip of a switch.

Sounds like a great promise right?

The training that I have received over the past year has far exceeded my expectations. I can honestly say that other products and services that I have paid thousands of dollars for don’t even come close to what is offered in the Daily Marketing Coach program.

My Secret Weapon - Ann Sieg

My Secret Weapon – Ann Sieg

It’s time to harness the power of traffic to your website and learn the following:

– Uncover the elements of a lead generation machine that provides a steady flow of people calling you for your product or service

– Learn how to convert your newly acquired lead into the sale of a product or service with a properly structured marketing funnel

– Learn how to write copy that convinces your audience to take action and buy. All it takes is the right message, delivered at the right time and in a way the prospect wants to receive it.

– Discover the best places to market your business so that fresh leads are generated on a daily basis

The greatest asset I have is the ability to increase the power of my marketing mindset and take action.

I guarantee you the information delivered in the Daily Marketing Coach will make you a marketing rock star if you take action. Why not take action and check out what we have to offer on Black Friday? It will change your life and your business. This is not for someone looking for the easy button. It will take hard work and consistent effort to get through all the modules that this program has to offer.

Are you an action taker? Ready to grow your business now and not later? Join me for a webinar on Black Friday (11/29) at 11CT sign up now:



The Secrets of a Successful Entrepreneurial Leader

LeadershipWhether you are in business, own a business, or work for a business developing your entrepreneurial marketing muscle will allow the leader within to emerge. 

It takes courage and decisiveness to master the skills of an effective leader. Being bold, an action taker and a person with true compassion for others will propel you into a leadership role organically as long as you are exercising that entrepreneurial marketing muscle.

One of the skillsets of an effective leader is to learn how to market. That means marketing “YOU” and speaking in a language that attracts people to you and behaving in a way that others want to emulate and follow you.

Throughout your life you will experience ups and downs and excitement and disappointment from the decisions you make. Perhaps a decision you made resulted in a not so favorable outcome. It down right stunk and got you in trouble. How did you react? What did you do to prevent that decision from happening again? Did you learn from the experience? Accepting personal responsibility for your decisions will guide you down the path to success and leave trail for people to follow.

If someone tells you that business is easy they aren’t telling the truth.  It’s time to get some help and develop your entrepreneurial muscles. All successful leaders have a coach.

This is why I am part of the Daily Marketing Coach community and the benefits of what I am learning that helps me in business and in life.

  • Learn how to think like a leader
  • Learn how to make decisions that inspire action and increase sales
  • Implement daily action steps that increase revenue and visibility in the marketplace
  • Connect with other like-minded people where we can collaborate on business products, principals and leadership opportunities
  • Get feedback on my marketing plan, pages, and content within minutes vs. days like other marketing platforms deliver

Take the first step in becoming a successful leader by joining us at the Daily Marketing Coach today.  more_info (1)

What An 11 Year Old Can Teach Us About Mindset

Do you have a Marketing Mindset? As I reviewed my assignment from my TFI marketing coach today we learned about the power of your mindset, marketing and content. I was always one to look at experiences from a marketing mindset. My kids even joke about it with me because I tend to share my thoughts with them as we drive down the road and see vehicles with car wraps, listening to the radio commercials, and even reading the “junk” mail before it hits the garbage.

My boys (11 & 16) have learned to negotiate, problem solve and raise money for a hobby because of their marketing mindset. One example is my son, TJ (11 years old), who wanted to figure out a way to separate their recess football team from the other 100’s of kids on the playground. We talked about the benefits of  his team having something to make them stand out:

  • To distinguish them from the other kids so no one got hurt when the ball was tossed.

  • His friends would feel special because they belonged to a team

  • They would be able to wear their favorite number and have the name on the shirt.

TJ’s solution for the recess football team was to make custom t-shirts. He researched his options online and found a solution that would cost less than $5.00 per person IF he designed them himself. So off to the store we went. We bought 10 white t-shirts at $2.50 each and a bottle of blue and black fabric spray. TJ made number stencils and used letter stencils to customize each of the t-shirts. That way each teammate had their own number and name on the shirt and it was a great lesson in leadership and creativity for TJ.

TJs Ts


A few months later TJ brought home a copy of a book they made in school and his class picture was on the cover. You could clearly identify the kids with the custom branded shirts and it was a discussion point for parents and friends for a long time.

TJ's Book

TJ  was using his marketing mindset and am proud to say his mindset through this whole process will help him think strategically and creatively in the future.

So let me ask you this. What is your mindset when you are working on your business and are you doing something that makes you stand out?

I’d love to hear your story below.

How to Maximize the Power of Your Social Network With A Cup Of Coffee

As you build your social network always think of how you can help the people you connect with.

Change your mindset from how much effort it takes to build your social network to one that inspires you to connect people who have like minds. People who have the authority and ability to make a significant impact on the lives of others are the people you want to be around.

Don’t be afraid to start a conversation with the person you met on a social network like Twitter or LinkedIn as you will be amazed at the story they have that can change your life. Your online social network can be enhanced and strengthened when you meet your contact in a face-to-face environment. Your authentic self will shine when your online persona matches who you are in the offline environment. One of my favorite quotes is “You can run but you can’t hide” and is very true in this day and age.

An example of how I maximized my social network connections by making introductions to two people who inspire me. Ann Sieg and Tom Gonser are two entreprenuers with a similar vision. They are both working to help entrepreneurs gain exposure for their business and have a heart to help the economy to grow by creating solid and engaging communities.

In the picture below you will see the masters at work in a local coffee shop. A conversation that was probably taken to a new level because of the personal interaction verses a quick telephone call. I’m blessed to have the gift to connect people and it all started with a phone call.

Marketing Masterminds

Ann Sieg and Tom Gonser


I would love to hear how you are connecting and inspiring people in your social network too. Please leave a comment on my Facebook page too.

The Power of a Live Event

What Everyone Should Know About Live Events and Why Attending them Will Help You Grow Professionally and Personally.

Just this past weekend I spent three days in a power session with smart marketers. We were working on our marketing funnels, creating new content and best of all creating new friendships. For those of you who have not experienced a live event I can tell you from the heart that magic happens. I’m not talking about the “Rah-Rah” sessions where you sit in the audience and listen to a sales pitch but where you bring your laptop, your business and your marketing plan.

I really enjoy working in a room of people who all have different aspirations and are at different levels of success within their business. We inspire each other.

Lisa Saline and Angela BrooksFor example, I met Angela Brooks, who was the trainer for Social Media. Now you might think as a social media trainer myself I may have felt a bit uncomfortable with that. However, she was a gem to listen too and I picked up a few links that would help improve the management of social media with my clients. Plus we had a great time with the Twitter Hashtag #RAW3. This allowed the tweeters in the room to instantly connect with the people sitting across the table in the online world. I love it.


Another person I met was Kelly Kust. She is a single mom with a story that leaves a footprint onLisa Saline and Kelly your heart. Not only is she a single mom but one with 7 children. She lost her husband to a car accident while pregnant with her 7th child. Imagine the loneliness she felt when she delivered that child and soon after found out her little girl had Down Syndrome. Kelly is an inspiring woman who has the ability to impact and inspire so many people. I believe that is her business model all together. If you would like to find out more about Kelly’s story The Story is Here



Ann Sieg and Lisa SalineAnd last but certainly not least. The ability to have expert eyes on your work during a live session is life changing. Not often do you get to bend the ear of the expert in person. I appreciated the feedback I received and have taken the notes and turned them into a proper marketing funnel that will reward me and the people I connect with. Here’s to success.



Do me a favor and let me know if you have attended a workshop or live event for your business and what the results were for you. You can do that right on my Facebook Page  


Business Card Design for Effective Networking

Even with all the technological advances that have come about in the past few decades, the business card is still a powerful way to communicate and network.

Elements of Good Business Card Design

The main thing you want to accomplish with your business card design is to stand out. If one attends many networking events they know just how many business cards people acquire. 
Because a business card is a reminder of who one is, they will want to stand out among all the rest. One way to stand out is to change the shape of the card. There is no law that says that
business cards have to be 3" x 2." with the corners at sharp right angles. By simply rounding the corners it will make quite a difference. Another way to stand out are the elements that you put on the card. A humorous picture goes a long ways to eliciting a smile and reaction from those that receive the card. A funny tagline always makes a business card memorable. 

Even changing your professional title can help. Small business owners and entrepreneurs should use something other than president or CEO. Be creative, even self-deprecating. Consider Yahoo, a large billion-dollar company and the founders refer to themselves as Chief Yahoo. Still, there are professions where comical or whimsical business cards are not well-suited. In cases like lawyers or morticians, the best tip for good business card design is to go minimal. Use plain text and offer as little as possible. Some business professionals could get away with just a name and phone number.  For more information place only the name and title on the front, then put additional information on the back. This is a good way to get an initial impression from a minimal design, while still offering plenty of information about one's business.

Always Leave Room For Notes

A person should have plenty of room on their card to personalize it.  Good networkers know to always personalize a business card with a note of some sort, like providing their cellphone
number.  Handwriting something turns a business card into a personal note which has a higher value.  Again the personalized business card will stand out among any others a person may

Of course, if a person is not using the back of their business card it is all the room they will need. On the other hand should someone decide to use the front and back, there should be
plenty of room somewhere to write a note. Just make sure that the note space has a white or very light background to contrast against the ink of the pen for maximum readability.

How to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Design

Before shipping off business cards design to the printer you want to make sure and check just how effective the design of your card is. The best way to measure effectiveness is to print them out on your home or office printer. Then show the design to friends, colleagues, and family to get an opinion. However, what you really want to look for is for their initial reaction. If they do not react to your card you probably want to go back and re-work your design. After all, with the people that you meet you want to get their attention and remember you, the business card should be helping you do that.

Networking Is Like Swimming

By TARA SCHMAKEL, The ONCE Timid Networker

It’s spring and you’re heading to the pool for the first time of the season. It’s finally warm out. No, it’s downright hot! All you can think about is getting cool in the pool! You know it will be refreshing, you will be with friends or family that you have been looking forward to spending time with and you may even lose that glow in the dark look that you’ve been sporting all winter! You’re ready to get in, but before you do, you test the waters with your toe… IT’S FREEZING. You know that you want to get in, but you can’t just “jump in” like everyone is hollering out to you. So you go back on the deck to psych yourself up!

To a lot of people networking is just like getting into that pool for the first time. It’s too cold and instead of just jumping in, they retreat for another time or until they are ready.

So what can a person do to ease into networking? Three things will help:

1. Think positive– If you think the pool is too cold, it will be. If you think the event will be intimidating, it will be. Tell yourself how great it will be and how good it will feel to have the sense of accomplishment! Just like you psych yourself to get into the pool, you can psych yourself for the event!

2. Dress for success– There are certain items of clothing that are suitable for swimming. It would be challenging to go for a dip if you were wearing a snowmobile suit. It could actually hinder your progress and weigh you down and you could even drown. If you are wearing something inappropriate for networking, you can also take a dive. Dressing according to your business is always a good idea, but many find it helpful to dress it up a notch. They find that little extra, gives them confidence, not to mention an edge over their competition. Also, don’t forget your smile. The most important accessory you could put on!

3. Be prepared– To swim in a pool, you need to have the water ready. To network at an event, you need to have your words ready. Practice what to say when someone asks you what you do. Memorize a phrase or two that will just roll off your tongue. Once you are comfortable and a person is truly interested in what you do, you will find it easy to speak from the heart. You will also find it helpful to have business cards and your calendar along!

By practicing these tips and making them your own, it will become easier to attend a function, just like easing into the pool a little at a time. However, you may find you reach a certain level of comfort that you decide to just go all the way in. Whether you become numb to the effects of your mind or just reach a level of comfort, the result will be refreshing and satisfying and you may even build some relationships and get some business!

Tara Schmakel
The Workroom at Tara’s – I’ve had the entrepreneurial spirit since I was 6 when I started my first business. My methods have changed but my enthusiasm has remained child like. However being a person who felt easily intimidated and shy I was hindered. I have been the recipiant of so much assistance and belief from others and I want to give back. This blog is my story, my ups and downs and lessons learned not just by me, but also others who have felt the same. If I can give to one person what others have given me, then I have succeeded.

The Different Leadership Styles

Leadership StylesThere are three accepted types of leadership styles: autocratic, democratic  and laissez-faire. Each carries its own advantages and problems, and you  will often find that a situation often requires just one, rather than  blending them together. These leadership styles, when used effectively and  in a situation that bests utilizes their strengths, will offer success. When  they are used in the wrong type of situation, however, you will easily see  their weaknesses. We intend to show you how to choose between them and find  a balance that works best for you.

Leadership styles: Autocratic

Of all the leadership styles, this is the most domineering and it requires a  strong force of will to manage it. With this style, you make all choices.  Your staff and coworkers have little, if any, say in what goes on with a  project. You assign work and then make sure it gets done; you take on all  major responsibilities and, if there are decisions to be made, you work them  out. The autocratic approach is one that requires a strong personality.  Those uncomfortable with positions of power and dealing with the  consequences should not try this.

Of course, it must be noted that this is usually the most hated form of  leadership. Your staff will want to have their opinions heard and the  autocratic form does not really allow for that. Sometimes, however, a  situation calls for this kind of strict leadership. Perhaps you have come in  to a staff that is used to missing deadlines or being coddled? An
established authority may be a necessity, even if it does make you less  popular.

Leadership styles: Democratic

If you happen to have a team that is reliable and filled with people of good  ideas, then this can be the right style for you. With democratic, you spend  less time making sure everything gets done and more listening to the input
of others. When you have a team that does not require your constant  supervision, you can enjoy their opinions and have the time to actually sort through them. The team is a part of the company, not just a part of you.

This is considered the most popular of styles as people will work  harder–theoretically–for a leader who includes them. Still, this style  will only work if you have a group that is willing to put their ideas into  action, not just wait for your signal.

Leadership styles: Laissez-faire

This is a style that can be either a massive success or a massive failure,  depending on how you handle. This gives your employees virtual run of  projects, letting them make decisions and take responsibility. As a form of  leadership, it’s somewhat of a contradiction as there is very little  “leading”. You trust your team to make things happen and deal with the  matters that directly concern you.

For a motivated group, this can work. The difficulty comes in keeping  everyone on time and on pace when you are not stepping in to check. The  laissez-faire is not recommended for most companies because it is such a  risky venture. If one member fails, then everyone can fail. It takes a special team to pull that off.

You can get more insight into these styles and strategies from classes in an organizational leadership masters program. You can also attend business seminars and conventions to get tips from other business leaders.

What can we learn from charismatic leadership?

Winston Churchill - A Charismatic LeaderFidel Castro and Winston Churchill. Jesus and Mohammed. All exemplify charismatic leadership, one of the three forms of leadership classified by sociologist Max Weber.

At the heart of Weber’s classification is a belief in the “exceptional sanctity, heroism or exemplary character of an individual”. Significantly, it is a neutral term, implying neither good nor evil. Hitler, for example, was a charismatic leader as was Mohandas Ghandi.

One of the most fascinating attributes of charismatic leadership is that followers are drawn to the individual because of their personality or charisma. Like Ghandi, they do not have to hold a position of authority in order to inspire or lead people.

Instead, followers may see the leader as a parental figure who will nurture and guide them or as a prophet who can reveal higher truths. The leader may also be heralded as a hero based on previous triumphs or as a person of integrity, regarded for living by strong principles.

In recent years, charismatic leadership has fallen out of favor. Yet, it still plays a role in our society. When a Fortune 500 company needs a CEO to turn the tide of failing fortunes or a lackluster political party wants to boost its popularity in the polls, a charismatic leader can be relied upon to inspire renewed faith and optimism among the ranks.

Despite the naysayers, charismatic leadership can benefit society in multiple ways.

• Vision: these leaders express a compelling view of the future.
• Passion: they embody their belief.
• Energy: they commit boundless energy to realizing their goals.
• Creativity: they develop solutions to the problems that bog others down.
• Inspiration: they arouse confidence, faith and belief in their followers.

Given such positive associations, why would anyone question the role of charismatic leadership in our society today? The answer lies in how easily faith can be misplaced. When we consider a cult like that of the notorious Jim Jones, we can see how blindly following a leader can bring about pain, suffering and death.

Even in the service of a worthy cause, there are negative aspects to charismatic leadership. Heroic self-sacrifice, for example, can jeopardize family relationships and physical or financial health.

As history reveals, however, charismatic leadership can also be a positive and beneficial practice. The key lies in whether or not it is carried out ethically. In the best of all possible worlds, leaders act in the interests of their followers. Furthermore, they encourage their followers to take responsibility for their actions and ultimately become leaders themselves.

This is radically different from a situation like that created by Jim Jones or other cult leaders, where followers are required to accept the leader’s demands without question, regardless of how it affects them.

Too often, the latter is the situation that comes to mind when we think about charismatic leadership. Yet, when we look at the contributions of some exemplary leaders we can see how greatly it has benefited our world in the past and how much we continue to reap from it today.

Building a corporate culture of creativity

Building a corporate culture of creativity as well as accepting new ideas will capture the talent, energy and commitment of employees. Take 3 minutes to watch the movie “A Peacock in the Land of Penguins” to inspire you and your team.

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