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Personal Success Factors and You

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Some Helpful Public Speaking Tips


Public Speaking

If the idea of getting up in front of a large crowd makes you feel ill, then
you may need to use public speaking tips as a way to calm your nerves and
learn how to overcome stress. These simple, but effective, suggestions will
help make giving speeches an easier thing. While we certainly cannot claim
that they will cure your nervousness (this is not magic, after all), we can
guarantee that using these public speaking tips will make the burden less of
one. While you may still hate having to give a speech, you will better know
how to handle yourself during one. And that can make all the difference.

Some helpful public speaking tips:

One: know your material. The worst thing you can do is show up unprepared.
Of all public speaking tips, this is the one you have to remember. Even if
you are not naturally gifted with speech-making and even if you cannot
manage more than a mono toned voice, you can still convey a message if you
know your material. It does not matter how charming you are or how witty you
can be; you need to know the information. Come prepared.

Two: know your audience. What sort of occasion is this? A wedding
reception? A business presentation? Understand who you are speaking with so
you can form something appropriate. You can turn any fact into something
suitable, if you just take the time to think about what the audience will
best respond to.

Three: practice. This should be among the most obvious of public
speaking tips. Just showing up to improvise is not a smart choice. Some
people can manage to do this; they thrive on spontaneity and pressure. Most,
however, do not. You should practice, reciting your speech and knowing
everything about it. It should be a second nature to you, not something you
wing at the last second.

Four: remember to move. Standing behind a lectern, clutching at its sides,
does not inspire confidence. Feel free to move about the area, use hand
gestures and connect with your audience through body language. It can
instantly send a message of conviction and confidence, even if you are a
complete mess inwardly. This will also keep you from unconsciously shuffling
papers or tapping your feet, nervous habits that will distract the audience.

Five: fake it. For the last of our public speaking tips, we encourage you
to fake ease. Even if you hate speeches, even if you are nothing more than
stress and panic, fake confidence. Smile, nod, make eye contact: do
everything you have to for a positive message. While this is not always
easy, it is necessary. You do not have to charm your audience, but you do
have to make them listen. Confidence will do that. Of course, it helps if
you believe in what you are saying but, even then, you may need to pretend.
Do everything you can to look casual. If this means you have to study body
language and mimic it, do so. If you have to practice for hours at a time to
learn every word so you won’t have to worry about forgetting your place, do
so. When it doubt, smile and fake how nervous you are.

With these public speaking tips, you can make the transition from an awkward
speaker to, at least, a more capable one.