Childcare is a Balancing Act When Working From Home


The Internet revolution and the opportunities of many a prosperous home business for women entrepreneurs have dispelled the guiltiness that weighed down office going moms. Today more and more married women with children are opting for money making home businesses like in home online business for moms so that they can have financial security and enjoy professional success while taking care of the children. That childcare is a balancing act when working from home is what many of these women entrepreneurs will need to realize in order to attain financial freedom.

Balancing Your Act

Balancing your act is imperative and you simply cannot ignore your business responsibilities to attend to your children’s needs or else you will lose your executive level income opportunity. Your money making home business needs a fair share of your time and attention to give you the monetary benefits and mental satisfaction. So, strike the perfect balance by apportioning adequate time when you can give undivided attention and look after your business needs.

Planning Childcare

You will have to do some realistic childcare planning in order to run your prosperous home business for women entrepreneurs smoothly, otherwise you will not be able to join other successful women entrepreneurs:

• Prepare a work-plan for yourself according to your kids’ schedules. Wrap up your work when the children are attending school or when they are sleeping.

• Enroll your kids in a day camp or in any recreational activity that interests them. This way they will be pleasantly engaged and you too can have some free time.

• Ask your husband to lend a helping hand. You can work when your husband baby-sits or helps the children with their homework; this will also strengthen the bond between the children and their father.

• If you have an extended family, you can leave your child to their care in your work-hours.

• Another good option will be sharing/swapping childcare duties and working hours with a friend or neighbor who too is a work-from-homer with kids. She can take care of the kids when you are working and vice versa.

• The last option for you would be to hire a sitter and you can really have good, inexpensive help from school or college attending youngsters.

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