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Have you ever had one of those days when your world feels a bit overwhelming? A few months ago I was in a place where I thought it might be better if I venture back into the Corporate world of working, getting a regular paycheck and having a conference room available if I needed to hide from the chaos of a busy day. I could take PTO time and get a paycheck if I needed a vacation, call in sick and still get paid and even go to the doctor when I needed to because it was part of a corporate wellness plan. Ahhh those were the days. 

Heck, this entrepreneurial career path is not exactly what I was taught 6 years ago when I invested big bucks in a mentor who said "just dream it and you will achieve it". I believed him and drank his KoolAid on a regular basis. I've never dreamed so much in my life during the first few years during my mentorship. However, it seems that nothing I was dreaming about was coming true. Why? Because I was told to be someone I wasn't, speak like someone else would, and dress like a certain millionaire so I could achieve that goal too. It was a gut wrenching process because I forced myself to do things I wasn't comfortable doing. As I saw my life crumble around me and my soul starting to sour it was time to say enough is enough.

Lessons learned and things started to change for the better when I converted back to my gregarious self. I was listening to peoples needs, sharing personal experiences and loving all people for who they were. Becoming a mentor and a connector and using my God given talents in a natural setting helped open new doors and create healthy relationships. I'm on a continual path to learn more and become a better person and am confident that the path of entreprenuership will allow me to help more people. 

So when you are ready to give up or throw in the towel on your dreams just remember that there are lessons to be learned and a life of positive experiences ahead of you. It's a great time to sit back and have some fun in your life. Just like I do once in a while with my kids. The picture attached is one that included silly string while I was on a conference call. They got me. Have fun while living life.

Be Real * Have Fun * Get a Mentor You Can Relate To * Keep Learning

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I am compassionate about helping others with online and offline business concepts. While providing training and consulting for Social Media I also enjoy volunteer work. I've owned my own businesses since 2007. Networking both offline and online is a joy. Please connect with me and let me know what you are working on too.

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