Kimmy’s 2014 Social Media Marketing Plans

Kimmy 2014


Kimmy is very excited about the new skills she has learned in 2013 that she wants to share her plans for 2014. Kimmy, a.k.a. Lisa Saline, is a social media puppet who works with Janet E. Johnson, www.JanetEJohnson.com, a social media expert.

Kimmy and Janet are excited about their new Hangout and Podcast Channels coming soon!

Here is what Kimmy discussed in her interview with Janet last week.

What is Kimmy going to add to her Social Media Campaign in 2014?

  • Facebook Ads: Kimmy learned that it’s important to show up in front of your target audience and not fall into the trap of just posting content willy nilly. She is going to be very specific by promoting posts to her salon clients, offering specials for people who reside in a certain zip code (close to her salon) and to some of her competitors (she don’t tell anyone).
  • Google+:  Since Google+ was launched that has been a hot spot for local business and online connection. Kimmy will post videos, interviews with other hair salon experts, schedule events in her salon and a whole lot more. She believes it’s a great new way to get new customers.

Graphics are a big influence in her industry so Instagram and Pinterest are here to stay.  You can hear what Kimmy and Janet have to say now:


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