The Different Leadership Styles


Leadership StylesThere are three accepted types of leadership styles: autocratic, democratic  and laissez-faire. Each carries its own advantages and problems, and you  will often find that a situation often requires just one, rather than  blending them together. These leadership styles, when used effectively and  in a situation that bests utilizes their strengths, will offer success. When  they are used in the wrong type of situation, however, you will easily see  their weaknesses. We intend to show you how to choose between them and find  a balance that works best for you.

Leadership styles: Autocratic

Of all the leadership styles, this is the most domineering and it requires a  strong force of will to manage it. With this style, you make all choices.  Your staff and coworkers have little, if any, say in what goes on with a  project. You assign work and then make sure it gets done; you take on all  major responsibilities and, if there are decisions to be made, you work them  out. The autocratic approach is one that requires a strong personality.  Those uncomfortable with positions of power and dealing with the  consequences should not try this.

Of course, it must be noted that this is usually the most hated form of  leadership. Your staff will want to have their opinions heard and the  autocratic form does not really allow for that. Sometimes, however, a  situation calls for this kind of strict leadership. Perhaps you have come in  to a staff that is used to missing deadlines or being coddled? An
established authority may be a necessity, even if it does make you less  popular.

Leadership styles: Democratic

If you happen to have a team that is reliable and filled with people of good  ideas, then this can be the right style for you. With democratic, you spend  less time making sure everything gets done and more listening to the input
of others. When you have a team that does not require your constant  supervision, you can enjoy their opinions and have the time to actually sort through them. The team is a part of the company, not just a part of you.

This is considered the most popular of styles as people will work  harder–theoretically–for a leader who includes them. Still, this style  will only work if you have a group that is willing to put their ideas into  action, not just wait for your signal.

Leadership styles: Laissez-faire

This is a style that can be either a massive success or a massive failure,  depending on how you handle. This gives your employees virtual run of  projects, letting them make decisions and take responsibility. As a form of  leadership, it’s somewhat of a contradiction as there is very little  “leading”. You trust your team to make things happen and deal with the  matters that directly concern you.

For a motivated group, this can work. The difficulty comes in keeping  everyone on time and on pace when you are not stepping in to check. The  laissez-faire is not recommended for most companies because it is such a  risky venture. If one member fails, then everyone can fail. It takes a special team to pull that off.

You can get more insight into these styles and strategies from classes in an organizational leadership masters program. You can also attend business seminars and conventions to get tips from other business leaders.

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