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MainStreetChamber VIPWith over 100 national retailers and thousands of local businesses. Save money on everything from prescription drugs and insurance to office supplies and restaurants

Today, saving money is not just for those on a modest income. Coupon clipping and consignment shops are becoming almost chic. Of course, people who have achieved financial security have always known the importance of being frugal.

Consumers today are so motivated to save money that they spend hours searching for the best deals and clipping coupons. Discount retailers like Sam’s Club and Costco have attracted millions of customers who are willing to pay annual fees for the opportunity to save money. Perhaps you have purchased one of those entertainment coupon books or belong to the Diner’s Club.

However, if you are like me, when you get ready to make a purchase, coupons don’t do you any good because you either forget to bring them along, or, you drag them around for so long that they expire. Or, the entertainment coupon book you bought is so heavy that you usually don’t have it with you when you need it. Buying in large quantities from discount clubs is pointless because I don’t have the room to store things like five gallon jugs of shampoo, 10 boxes of cereal or 100 roll packs of toilet paper. Besides, coupons are not even available for certain items that I might like to purchase.

So, what do I do to save money? I use the MainStreetChamber VIP Membership Card. It saves me money on everything from prescription drugs and insurance to office supplies and restaurants. Plus, it fits in my wallet and never, ever expires. With the VIP card I save money on products and services from hundreds of national retailers including Wal-Mart, Macys, FedEx, UPS, Office Depot, Costal Contacts, PetSmart, Comp USA, Footlocker, Tiger Direct, CDW, Wyndham Hotels, Days Inn, Hertz rental car, and thousands of local businesses.

Each month, thousands of local businesses are joining MainStreetChamber and offering discounts to VIP Card holders. This means that besides national retailers, you can save money on products and services you purchase from local businesses. Whether you need accounting services, tax preparation, legal services, website design, help with marketing strategies, a unique gift for that special person, (think of some more), chances are, you can find a source near you at a very special VIP price. As our Chamber grows, new offers are added every day. Therefore your VIP Card becomes more valuable every day!

Do you see why I use the VIP Membership card? Did I mention that it never expires and there are no renewal fees. How cool is that? Of course, a card that never expires and will save you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars over your lifetime, can’t be cheap. You would expect to pay at least hundreds of dollars for such a valuable card. But, you can purchase the VIP Membership card during our launch for the low price of just $39.99!

Remember, this is a one time fee. Not an annual fee! All you need do is click this special link and order your card today. Your card will arrive within just a few days and you can start saving right away. Trust me when I say you’ll be glad you did!

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