Melaleuca Business Executives Use The Ace of Sales to Grow Their Business


Melaleuca and Ace of SalesThe Leadership in Action magazine featured Jeffrey Gitomer’s book “The Little Black Book of Connections” and now you can implement your new skills with Ace of Sales.

Jeffrey Gitomer’s Ace of Sales system is the ticket for Melaleuca Executives to enroll new customers! Ace of Sales will help you make sales, close deals, and build loyal relationships.

Isn’t that what Melaleuca Executives want?

Building your Contact List

  • Load your new business contacts into the database and even categorize them so you know where you met.
  • Convert the new business contacts to customers and then change the category to customer or business builder so you can manage your email campaigns effectively.
  • With the contact management tool you can track information about that person. What they are interested in, where are they working, what do and don’t they like about what they are doing now, how many kids, married, etc.
  • Follow up with contacts after a networking event

Set Appointments

  • Send a custom branded email to confirm your appointment. Your picture is on the email so your prospect will know who you are right away when you meet face-to-face. It takes the “wonder” out of meeting a new person and therefore your prospect will feel at ease allowing you to quickly get into building a relationship
  • With the online calendar you won’t miss an appointment, birthday, anniversary or milestone event.

Managing Follow up Processes

  • With the soon to be released campaign manager you will be able to schedule your 7 touches with your prospect. Send an email, a custom email card, a printed greeting card, post cards and even include a gift card.
  • Create a weekly or monthly newsletter with information about your company, new products, celebrations, inspiration and upcoming events.
  • Thank your customers with a WOW!
  • Send a “Thank you for attending” custom email.
  • You don’t need a fancy snazzy auto responder like the big Internet marketing gurus have. Ace of Sales is simple just like the Melaleuca business.

Celebrate Success

  • Send a custom email with a “Congratulations on Your Advancement”, a printed greeting card with a gift card included, a simple postcard with the photo of the Champion on stage and even schedule special events in the calendar.

Stay Plugged In To Success Events

  • Need to send a quick email reminder for an event? With the click of a button you can select a category that your team is in and the system will brand the email and personalize for you. No more hunt and peck in your email list or risk forgetting to include that all important team member or customer.

One of my favorite features of the system is the tracking tool. You can see when an email was opened. That way you know that the person you are meeting with has opened it and you can give them a quick call.

Lead By Example

  • Give your customers and business builders a reason to follow your lead.
  • You will stand out from your competitors because many Marketing Executives are not good with follow up or send the standard email.
  • With Ace of Sales you can set up campaigns for your team mates to plug in to. That way your team brand is consistent and everyone can benefit from the awesome deliverables without having to recreate the wheel.

I can’t explain in words how dynamic Ace of Sales is. Please take a tour now, sign up to try it for 30 days at no cost! Sign up now with Promo Code: “MELA30”

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