Networking Strategies using Social Media with Terry Bean


 networking strategies in social media

Networking Strategies using Social Media with Terry Bean

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We were very excited to interview Terry Bean on our show.  He has an amazing way of networking with others, online and offline. This is discussed in this interview.  First, let’s tell you a little about who Terry is.

Terry Bean is:

  • Chief Networking Officer
  • Attraction Hero
  • Author of The Universal Guide to Business Networking
  • Founder of Networked Inc.
  • Founder of Motor City Connect
  • Co-Founder of uNetworked

Terry’s passion is helping others achieve success for all who matter to them. He is known as many things: a professional speaker, a social media pro, a relationship marketing expert but most importantly he understands the value of true connectedness.

Terry is the founder and driving force behind the fastest growing networking group in both Detroit and Michigan,  Networked Inc. began in 2002 and has provided new business opportunities, guidance and inspiration to 1000′s since our inception. In May 2012 Terry and his technology partner launched  which will become the most disruptive marketing firm there is. At present, they are giving birth to which will reinvent how cars are leased.

In this interview we discuss different networking strategies, the differences we see between Google+ and Facebook, types of networking interaction and Janet’s hair back in High School. 😉

As we discussed, we said we’d share a picture from those days.  Terry Bean and Janet Johnson went to High School together and here they are in one of their classes.  Yes, you can laugh!  We don’t mind. Needless to say, we’ve changed a bit.

Terry and Janet cropped

Terry is currently promoting the event:  #313 DLove  For more details on this event to support Detroit, head to the Website.

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