How a non-profit charity can effectively use Facebook


Facebook is the largest social networking website in the world. It makes connecting with people much easier than it was before. There are not only people on Facebook; there are also companies and charities. This has actually helped a lot of companies take off with their sales and can increase donations for charities as well! Some tips for using Facebook for non-profit companies include:

1) Use the “causes” section of the Facebook page.

Every non-profit Facebook page comes equipped with a “causes” tab. This makes it really easy for all Facebook fans who “like” the charity to donate and actually see what their donations go towards. Fans of the page don’t even have to go to an external website in order to donate. They can do it all right from the Facebook website within a few minutes.<br />

2) Keep up with the page.

More people are going to “like” your page if you keep up with it and are active. This means updating your status, which could include information about events that are going on or just a kind message for the day. It’s also important to respond to anyone that comments to you with something important. Other fans are going to like to see the interaction with others. When you talk personally with those that are fans, you are reaching out to a lot of people.

3) Get involved with fans.

Getting involved with the people that “like” your page is essential. They will be more likely to spread the word about your page if you do this. It could even be something simple, like having a commenting contest for a free charity t-shirt!
4) Use unique updates.
Updating your page with interesting information is very important. If you just write boring information that is already on your normal website, people are far less likely to donate and help out.
5) Use all sections of your page.
All Facebook pages for charities let you have some fun with what you do. There are different tabs, so you can create games, run contests and do a number of other things to get people more involved!

6) Offer products for donations.

On your Facebook page you can even have a store with donation products. This could be items, like shirts or stickers, with the name of your charity on them. People are likely to purchase these since they will be getting something for their money.
7) Respond to private messages.

Also make sure you read messages and respond. Although this is going to take some time and effort, it’s worth it. Fans will appreciate personalized responses for their questions and comments.
8) Use the feedback from fans.
Fans are going to comment when something on your page isn’t working. Use their feedback to show them you are listening to what they have to say!

9) Use other social media networks.
You can easily connect your Facebook page with other social media outlets. By connecting social media networks, you can network with as many people as possible!

10) Show progress for donations.
If you are starting a donation campaign, show the progress. This should include how much you have earned and how much is needed. Also make sure to give updates of how the money is being used for good things!

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