Pinterest Trends, Boards and a new way of Marketing


Pinterest. Another social media platform that causes chaos or cashflow? Pinterest has become one of the fastest growing platforms in the social media world. Top marketers, trainers, authors and more are flocking to the fairly new social media site because they see the benefit of the additional traffic it is driving to their site. 

Pinterest is easy to set up, easy to use and a whole lot of fun to discover new ideas for design, food preparation, baby items, marketing ideas, and vacation spots. Pinterest is a great tool for building new relationships, finding out more about what a person has interest in and being able to see what a finished product may look like before you embark on a new project. It already accounts for more referral traffic on the internet than LinkedIn, Twitter and Google +. Why not engage and learn. 

Read the infographic below and follow me on Pinterest. I'd love to hear your feedback on how you use Pinterest . 

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Pinterest Data You Can’t Ignore: The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest [infographic]

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