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There are a number of Social Networks for business that are overlooked when it comes to branding and building content rich messages. Our online audience looks in various places when it comes to research. However, your blog is still the core and center hub for your business and all of your social networks should be pointing back to the hub.

A fairly new company called RebelMouse has recently caused a stir among many marketing professionals because it pulls in your social channels and content into one central hub.

I love that concept. RebelMouse allows us to build various channels of targeted content and you can even embed the page on your website. Imagine the ability to organize content onto your front page for any topic, keyword or website. Powerful right?

Some of the marketers who use Social Networks for Business and RebelMouse are:

Guy Kawasaki – Author of APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur.

Matt McGee– Editor in chief at Search Engine Land and Marketing Land.

Hans Lak – Founder: One Person Can Make A Difference

Some of the brands on RebelMouse are:

Shape Magazine

GE has embedded a RebelMouse page on their website.

Check out how you can embed RebelMouse in your WordPress Site here.

I’ll be sharing new tips on how you can use Social Networks for Business on sites like RebelMouse so please share your RebelMouse page with me go ahead and post a link at my Facebook page now.

My RebelMouse page is here

LisaSaline and RebelMouse

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Hi Lisa!  Great intro to Rebel Mouse.  Like Sonia, I haven't heard of it either, but I'm definitely going to be checking it out.  Good luck with your marketing!

lisasaline moderator

@EricDHannah Thank you Eric. It's a fun tool and easy to implement. Let me know if you set up a RebelMouse page.


I love learning new every day! I have not heard of Rebel Mouse - I joined XeeMee which I think is similar but a little complex. I'll be checking out Rebel Mouse for sure! Thanks Lisa :)


Interesting post, Lisa. I would like to know more about RebelMouse. We keep learning.

lisasaline moderator

@Yetty01 It's a great way to pull in all of your social media channels on to one page. I love their new tab feature now too. It allows you to break out the keywords and be more targeted.