What An 11 Year Old Can Teach Us About Mindset


Do you have a Marketing Mindset? As I reviewed my assignment from my TFI marketing coach today we learned about the power of your mindset, marketing and content. I was always one to look at experiences from a marketing mindset. My kids even joke about it with me because I tend to share my thoughts with them as we drive down the road and see vehicles with car wraps, listening to the radio commercials, and even reading the “junk” mail before it hits the garbage.

My boys (11 & 16) have learned to negotiate, problem solve and raise money for a hobby because of their marketing mindset. One example is my son, TJ (11 years old), who wanted to figure out a way to separate their recess football team from the other 100’s of kids on the playground. We talked about the benefits of  his team having something to make them stand out:

  • To distinguish them from the other kids so no one got hurt when the ball was tossed.

  • His friends would feel special because they belonged to a team

  • They would be able to wear their favorite number and have the name on the shirt.

TJ’s solution for the recess football team was to make custom t-shirts. He researched his options online and found a solution that would cost less than $5.00 per person IF he designed them himself. So off to the store we went. We bought 10 white t-shirts at $2.50 each and a bottle of blue and black fabric spray. TJ made number stencils and used letter stencils to customize each of the t-shirts. That way each teammate had their own number and name on the shirt and it was a great lesson in leadership and creativity for TJ.

TJs Ts


A few months later TJ brought home a copy of a book they made in school and his class picture was on the cover. You could clearly identify the kids with the custom branded shirts and it was a discussion point for parents and friends for a long time.

TJ's Book

TJ  was using his marketing mindset and am proud to say his mindset through this whole process will help him think strategically and creatively in the future.

So let me ask you this. What is your mindset when you are working on your business and are you doing something that makes you stand out?

I’d love to hear your story below.

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Stella Scott
Stella Scott

Such a great attitude. And those T-shirts traveled all the way to Sweden! You raised your boys well! :-)

lisasaline moderator

@Stella Scott Thank you for taking the time to comment Stella. I'm sure TJ will be excited to hear he has recognition in Sweden. 


Lisa, how wonderful that your boys are growing up in an environment that teaches them to think and act creatively. The T-shirts that TJ designed for his team took a lot of work. It's so admirable he figured out a way to accomplish his goal for very little money. They are learning skills that will help them throughout their entire lives. Awesome!

lisasaline moderator

@suehenrytalks Thank you Sue. I'm pleased with how the boys are doing and hope they keep that passion as the grow up too. Thank you for taking the time to comment.