Is it Really Worth it All, Just to Be Under Valued Again?


By Robert Mergupis

With all the bad news about the state of the economy with people losing their very own shirt off their back makes you wander, Why keep putting your self and your family in the same spot that you here about every night on the news?

It seems people are starting to wake up and understand that the good ole job market (Corporate America) is not like it use to be, and it is never coming back! Between 8 to 11 seconds someone is starting their own home based business. But the sad part 98% will not find success in their new found business leaving back to the useless job market. I mean what is a job (Just Over Broke), and 98% will go back and make claims like, all that business was a scam, or it was just a ponzi scheme.

Well the real truth is that 98% of those did not have what the 2% had, that was passion, drive and the will to be coach able by some one that has gone through it all ready. This is one of the greatest lesson I have learned, was you don’t have to do it alone. In fact I will advice you to do you due diligence and to find, first the right service or product to get in. You should have a passion for this business or else there will be a good chance you will be one of the 98% that fail.

OK great you found something that you are all fired up about, now it is time to start to use your computer to look around at the different opportunities that is right for you! Find yourself a very proactive team if you can, and then find a mentor out of that team. Someone that is willing to at least have weekly meetings with you to help you through the learning curve. Teaching you such strategies like attraction marketing, personal branding, etc, etc.

Once you have things in place people will be calling you, not you calling your family and friends to make a sell off them. You see this is really not about selling people, people don’t like being sold. This business is about helping others, once you start to understand and apply these strategies that you will learn from your team and mentor, it is all down hill or should I say downline!

Former homebuilder Robert Mergupis has made that transition into marketing on-line with the elite marketers of today. He has learned through his own pitfalls and other leaders with their unique techniques that help elevated him as an expert business developer, author, mentor, coach and leader in the network marketing industry!

Robert loves to pay it forward and share what he has learn for the new people that is just starting out. He explains that you must have a blueprint and if you don’t you set yourself up to fail!

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Kaitlyn Rogers
Kaitlyn Rogers

Team building is really necessary for a very successful implementation of business plans.~.~