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Experiential Marketing: What is it?

They are  programs that allow consumers to become active participants in a marketing effort. Well planned and executed experiential marketing programs can be very memorable and relevant and can result in a positive change in consumer behavior (such as making a purchase) and attitudes (such as changing brand preference).

Experiential Marketing played a big part in the promotion of the new touring show of Cirque Du Soleil OVO under the Big Top near the Mall of America. Fortunately I was able to participate in both the show and the Toddler Tuesday event where I observed young children and their parents learn how the performers prepare for a grand show.

Watching the little ones dance like no one was watching, picking out the design for a swoosh of color on their cheeks and a tickle of the brush on their nose was fun. They are so carefree and giddy with excitement hoping to look like the bugs on the stage. With OVO being a new show teeming with insects while people buzz about the high energy acrobatics that are performed by amazing artists I can’t help but wonder what impact we could have on our own businesses if we studied this performance.

I was in awe with the differences of what goes on behind the scenes verses what we see on the stage. Each costume takes up to 80 hours to complete, the performers work 6 days a week with 8 performances and everyone works together for one common goal. To put on an amazing show that will create memories for years to come.

The preparation, details, dedication and belief within the walls of the Big Top are lessons to be learned for every business owner.

Take a moment to ask yourself these questions about Experiential Marketing in your business:

Do my customers experience my products or services so they tell all of their friends? I certainly bragged about how OVO was incredible and that people show do what they can to go and see a live performance.

Did I WOW my audience with quality work? The costumes take up to 80 hours each to create. They were definitely amazing to look at.

Have I planned and prepared my presentations so that they go on without a glitch?
The OVO performers are constantly practicing, tweaking and making sure they are in tip-top shape for the evenings performance.

Do I have the right team in place to help my business run like a well oiled machine?
OVO’s team included people selling tickets, food station managers, ushers, technicians for lighting and safety, musicians, and more.

What I love about experiential marketing is the fact that you are engaged with the brand and become one of the best advertising channels for the company. Wouldn’t you rather have word of mouth referrals instead of paying for ads that may not capture the feeling and emotions like your neighbor can?

Do yourself a favor and go to the show. Not just for the entertainment but to watch how people are engaged and energized while at the show. Listen and you will hear the words and phrases like “incredible”, “amazing”, “talented”, “beautiful”, “they must practice all day long”, “I can’t wait to tell my friend”, etc.

Do you have the WOW factor in your business? Watch a short clip from the show now:


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